Monday, July 6, 2015

Phase Two of the Huggins-Grube Protocol – Part Two Rubber Dam (“The Tooth Raincoat”)

Hopefully, last week’s post on our use of intravenous Vitamin C here at Centers for Healing gave you a good idea of how much we do to protect the patients sitting in our dental chairs. Now, let’s have a look at yet another tool we use for the same purpose. 

Holding Back the Water

The rubber dam has been around for decades, long before the present “amalgam war” had begun. We called them “tooth raincoats,” a description children grasped intuitively. All dams have a single major function: to hold back water, right? Well, the dental rubber dam is no different.

Keeping the Workspace Clean and Dry

In all dentistry, biological and otherwise, the rubber dam is a valuable tool, since it keeps the part of the mouth where the dental team is working clean and dry. A thin piece of rubber with holes punched into it, the rubber dam is lubricated with vaseline. This permits it to slip over the teeth, creating an effective barrier against water.

Draining the Toxic Sludge

Water is not the only thing the rubber dam holds back, however. When amalgams are removed, a toxic mercury sludge is created. Now, if mercury is bad news for your teeth, imagine what a danger it presents to the much softer tissue in your mouth!

Mercury Spray

Think about it for a moment. That drill bit in the dentist’s hand is spinning at 150,000 revolutions per minute, spraying mercury – vapor and particulates – everywhere. High suction and rinsing aren’t enough to keep that mercury from covering both the insides of your cheeks – the most absorptive external body area – and the floor of the mouth, which is second only to the cheeks for absorption capacity. To protect these sensitive areas, we add to the dam a layer of sulphur cream, precisely to provide a second layer of protection while mercury is being blasted-out.

Why go to the trouble of extracting amalgam fillings – which have been leaching mercury all along – only to aggressively dump the remaining mercury and other toxins directly into your bloodstream?

Old Dog, New Trick

So, you can see how we use the rubber dam, which has been around a long time, in a new, very effective way. This is what we’re all about here at Centers for Healing: the safe and speedy restoration of health. And we’re always looking for ways to do this even more safely and quickly! Stop by and see us if your summer travels bring you through northeast Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, have a wonderful summer.

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