Monday, July 20, 2015

Phase Three of the Huggins-Grube Protocol – The Road Back to Health

Phase Three of the Huggins-Grube Protocol – The Road Back to Health
Last week, we completed our review of the second, or principal, phase of our Patient Protection Protocol. I say “principal” because that’s where the dental rubber meets the proverbial road. That is, where the main work of revision occurs.

The Road Continues

Getting the toxic materials out of your mouth, however, is just the beginning of your journey toward recovered health and wellness. After all, if we’ve tried to get anything clear in these posts it’s that there’s an awful lot more to good health than a healthy smile, much less a pretty one.

So, yes, getting you back to a state of good health is a journey. And, the length of that journey depends on several factors, varying in degree from one person to another. Some of those critical factors are

·      how sick/healthy were you before revision
·      how much revision actually took place
·      how serious are you about getting better

The Will To Heal

I can hear some of you as you read those last words. “Whoa! Are you kidding, Dr. Blanche? Of course I want to get better!” Do you? I mean, I know some of you were hurting pretty badly when you first came to our center. However, others among you were in relatively little to no pain at all. Regardless, now is when you really show how serious you are about being healthy. How serious, and how willing to work for it.

After all, my patients each have one major thing in common. Namely, each and every one of you was toxic. Poisoned. Unwell. Sound harsh? Trust me, the sound of the words is nothing compared to the reality of the toxicity.

Thankfully, you are now on the other side of that hurdle. But, we’ve got to get you walking (maybe even crawling first) before you can start running again. That’s precisely what Phase Three of the Protocol is all about.

Tools For Healing

So, over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be discussing some of the more important means we use to help you along the road to recovered health. Some may be a little surprising. Others may seem like such common sense that you wonder why we need to spell them out. Well, you know what they say about common sense, right?

Again, the success of many of these methods depends a lot upon the recovering patient. How badly he or she wants to get better. How much he or she is willing to do – and even sacrifice – in order to get there.

Rest assured, though: we’re here to help you every step of the way. Heck, some of us have even walked the road ourselves. Either way, if you’re serious about getting better, then we’ll gladly meet you more than half way. Sound good?

Let’s get moving then!

All the best,

Dr. Blanche

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