Friday, June 8, 2012

Mercury Removal

The Blanche D. Grube Clinic - Scranton, PaDr. Blanche D. Grube Clinic :: Scranton, PA

Mercury Removal

Day of mercury removal we use the following:

  1. Vitamin C IV, as a mild chelator and as a maintainer of the body's level of glutathione
  2. Conscious sedation, for extended visits beyond two hours and to allow treatment to cross the midline of the body.
  3. Mercury Vapor Ionizer to electrically neutralize the mercury gases 
  4. Dental Air Vac Suction
  5. Oxygen for patient with a barrier over nose to reduce the possibility of breathing in mercury vapor.
  6. Complete draping of the body including protective eyewear for patient.
  7. Rubber dam, to isolate the teeth being worked on and prevent particles from entering the soft tissue of the mouth. Sulfur is used on our non-allergic patients to prevent mercury gases from traveling through the dam.
  8. Suction behind the rubber dam to absorb mercury gases that travel through the dam.
  9. High speed removal of amalgam with copious amounts of water and suction, to keep mercury vapor to a minimum.
  10. Slow...speed drill on dentin, to lessen trauma to the living tooth
  11. 10a.  a. Use of ozone to sterilize prior to restoration placement. 
  12. Replace filling with a compatible composite 
  13. Completion of all surgical procedures by the doctor. 
  14. Post treatment education concerning detoxification.
  15. Acupressure and massage provided for patient rehabilitation.
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