Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Before and After Story from one of Dr. Grube's clients

The Dental Clinic of Dr. Blanche D. Grube is a Mercury Free Biological Dental Practice. We specialize in the safe removal of mercury from our patients and complete restoration services. 

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Before and After Pictures of Dr. Grube Client

Looking for the Silver Lining? 

When a Wynnewood woman tried to convince her doctors and dentists that her dental fillings had poisioned her, they told her the symptoms were all in her head. Much of the world disagrees. Freya Koss is one of Dr. Grube's Patients.


Freya Koss-March 1998

After having a tooth drilled and filled with mercury amalgam


Freya Koss-April 2002

Four years after removal of amalgam and detox

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