Friday, November 27, 2015


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“Most people come to us for complete dental revision following the Huggins-Grube Protocol because they want to live, and to live well.  Some come because they have actually been given a diagnosis. That diagnosis could be cancer or an autoimmune disease. 


“Some patients mistakenly believe that the dental revision will be like a "magic pill" that will make all of their physical troubles go away. Sadly, we have to insert a healthy dose of reality for such patients. Few of them got sick overnight. Just as few fully recover overnight. Most of the time, recovery is a road, not just a step.”


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Also, in the spirit of this week’s blog post on nutrition, I want to call your attention – in case you haven’t heard about it already – to a truly disturbing recent turn of events in the food industry.


In midsummer (July 23), the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1599, otherwise known as the “Deny Americans the Right to Know,” or DARK, Act. Essentially, this act, if passed by the Senate, will block all states from labeling genetically-engineered foods. 


This would mean, among other things:

• Preempting the individual states from requiring the labeling of GMO products

• Eliminating virtually the FDA’s ability to craft a uniform GMO labeling system for the entire country

• Codifying the current broken voluntary labeling system

• Allowing “natural” foods to contain GMO ingredients


Dear friends, we need food, not Frankenfood.  Educate yourselves on this and other nutritional topics. If you are politically minded, make your voice heard by signing one or more of the petitions currently circulating both on and offline.

For more information on the DARK Act – including resources for sending petitions to your Senators – see the following links:


Meanwhile, keep well, and eat realfood: moderately, and in season


All the best, 

Dr. Blanche

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